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November 2019 - Level 3 - Church Administration, Law, and Finance - Kissimmee

November (Level Three)

A theological and practical study of the wide-ranging daily life issues of running a church—organizational, financial, legal, and people issues.

November 2019 -Level 2 -Introduction to Theology - Kissimmee

November (Level Two)

An introductory study in theology structured around the sixteen points of the Statement of Fundamental Truths of the Assemblies of God. The course covers biblical doctrine with a Pentecostal perspective within the larger framework of Protestant, evangelical Christianity.

October 2019 - Level 1 - Prison Epistles - Kissimmee

October (Level One)

Prison Epistles

This course will concentrate on the theology of Paul as it is presented in his letters to the Colossians, to Philemon and to the Ephesians. The course will explore Paul’s understanding of the salvation, the sanctification, and the position of the believer. It will address the nature and ministry of the church and the conflict in which the church is involved. The course will also discuss the nature of human relationships and responsibilities in the Body of Christ. This course will equip the student with a deeper understanding of a Biblical World View, and provide insight into using the teachings in the Prison Epistles as tools for guiding others to the same understanding.

October 2019 - Level 3 - Preaching in a Cultural Context - Kissimmee

October (Level Three)

The course is designed to better equip today’s preacher with what he/she needs to know to more effectively communicate with a culturally diverse population both at home and abroad.  Particular emphasis will be placed on how to correctly present the Gospel as an outsider coming into a different culture.  However, the skills learned in this course are not only applicable to foreign missionaries; the cultural melting pot that makes up the United States requires that a minister be trained in cross-cultural communication skills.

November 2019 - Level 1 - Evangelism - Kissimmee

November (Level One)


A theological and practical study of taking the Gospel to the world. Emphasis is given to building a church that is focused on ministry.

September 2019-Level 2-Eschatology - Kissimmee

September (Level Two)

Eschatology is the branch of theology, which deals with ultimate or final things.  Views of the rapture, tribulation, millennium, judgment, the new heavens and new earth, final states and other topics related to eschatology will be discussed.

September 2019 - Level 1 - Introduction to Hermeneutics - Kissimmee

September (Level One)

An introductory course on the methods of biblical interpretation to equip the student to rightly divide the Word of God.

September 2019- Level 3 - Corinthians - Kissimmee

September (Level Three)

This course is a study of the two letters of Paul to the Corinthians. Attention is given to the historical background and the varied issues in the Corinthian church to which Paul responds.