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The following document spells out the standard operating procedures and policies that govern the operation of the Pen Florida District School of Ministry (DSOM).


Pen Florida DSOM makes no claim to accreditation on any level.  However, we have been approved by the Executive Presbytery of the Assemblies of God to provide the academic training required to pursue credentials with the Assemblies of God.  Our credits are NOT TRANSFERRABLE to any accredited academic institution.  Our focus is NOT on providing you an academic degree, but in equipping you with the necessary tools that you will need to be better prepared for practical ministry in today's world.  However, some A/G colleges and universities are offering collegiate credit hours towards a ministerial degree if all DSOM courses have been completed.


Students wishing to enroll in DSOM should follow this checklist:

  • Download all the informational materials and familiarize yourself with the DSOM program and process.  Answers to all your questions should be found there.
  • If you are satisfied that DSOM will meet your needs, REGISTER ONLINE at the website and pay with your credit card.  Each student must have a unique e-mail address, as this is how we will identify you in the future.
  • Download your study materials (study guide, bibliography, syllabus) from the website for the course you are enrolling in.
  • Order your textbook from the site of your choosing and pay with your credit card.  We do not sell textbooks.  Textbooks listed on our website are the correct edition for the course you take; when you order your textbook, please make sure it is the correct edition and/or ISBN number.


We recommend that students register for classes two months before the scheduled day of the class. The deadline for registration is the 15th day of the month prior to the class. There will be a five day grace period for online registration during which each registration will incur a $25 late registration fee ($90). After the 20th of the month prior to the class, no more registrations will be accepted (NO EXCEPTIONS).


Because of the nature of our bookkeeping system, we cannot give refunds on registration. If it becomes necessary to miss a class after a registration payment has been made, the payment must be applied to a future class within the next six months or the payment will be forfeited.


The National DSOM Association mandates that a student MUST attend the monthly class in order to get credit for the course.  This is non-negotiable.  ONLY IN THE EVENT OF A BONA FIDE EMERGENCY (death of a family member, serious illness, or presiding over a funeral) a student will be allowed to miss one class per level of study.  The Study Guide must be mailed to the DSOM Office for grading and the exam can be proctored by the student's mentor or someone delegated for that task by the dean.  The student will be penalized 20 points from their course grade for missing the class, so the best grade they could make for that course will be 80%.


DSOM Office Address:

Attn: DSOM
PO Box 24687
Lakeland, FL 33802


If a calendar commitment requires a student to leave the class before the class ends, he/she will be penalized 5 points from their course grade for each hour missed up to 20 points.  It is presumed that the class will go from 1:00-5:00; if the teacher finishes early, it will not lessen the penalty assessed to the missing student. A student who abuses this policy will be terminated from the program.


In the event that the student has taken classes at some other venue than Pen Florida DSOM, it is the student's responsibility to request that a transcript be sent directly to the DSOM at the district office.  The e-mail address is credentials@penflorida.org, or the transcript can be sent by US mail to the district office at PO Box 24687, Lakeland, FL 33802.  The district office will not make this request for you.


If a student has completed ALL the required courses for any given level of study, he/she is entitled to receive a diploma for that particular level of study.  However, since we have students entering and leaving the program every month, we cannot keep up with who has earned a diploma.  If you have fulfilled all the requirements, you may request a diploma from the DSOM office and one will be prepared and sent to you.  Internship is not required for the Lay Leadership Diploma, but all students pursuing credentials MUST complete their internship in order to receive a diploma.


Because of the low cost of the DSOM courses, all correspondence is done by e-mail.  In most cases, the student will NEVER receive anything from us by surface mail. Please set your e-mail program so that it does not route our e-mails into your SPAM box.


BEFORE YOU MAKE A PHONE CALL, please check the website first!  Answers to most questions can be found there.  Pay special attention to the downloadable files entitled, "What is DSOM?,” "Frequently Asked Questions,” "DSOM Policies,” and "Academic Catalogue.”  If you do not find your answer there, for academic questions you may email Tim Lastinger at tlasting7@bellsouth.net.  For registration, financial, or diploma/transcript requests, call the DSOM office at (863) 683-5726 ext. 251 or email dsom@penflorida.org.


DSOM does not handle credentialing matters.  All credential questions should be routed to Natalee Smith in the district office. Her e-mail address is credentials@penflorida.org, and her phone number is (863) 683-5726 ext. 246.


Every student pursuing credentials is required to complete an internship for each level of credentials under the supervision of a district-approved mentor.  Oversight of the internship program is vested in the Director of Pen Florida DSOM. All material must be scanned and emailed to tlasting7@bellsouth.net.  The Internship Manual for each level can be downloaded from the learning portal after registration.

If a student feels that they should be exempt from the internship because of ministerial experience and that he/she has met ALL the requirements for a particular level of study, as spelled out in the Internship Manual, he/she should download a "Waiver Request” below. Complete the application and mail it to the personal attention of District Secretary Steve Powell for his consideration.  All waivers MUST be approved by him.


All instructors shall be credentialed ministers with the Assemblies of God who hold a credential at least one level above the level they are teaching (i.e. Level Two courses must be taught by Ordained ministers, etc.)  Exceptions can be made whenever an instructor has unique skills that qualify him/her to teach that particular class.

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